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About the Calyx M Player

Calyx Audio of South Korea manufactures the M — a DSD capable, high-resolution hand held music player. The M also does double duty as a digital-to-analog converter, and the custom-designed software lets users browse and create playlists on the go. The Calyx M offers users the ability to store up to 448 GB worth of music with one SD and one Micro SD card slot. Digital conversion is handled by the ESS Labs ES9018S-2M chip then sent to a discrete class A analog output stage. Sound quality is what music aficionados expect from Calyx, and the M delivers! Bass extension and power belies the look of the M with its sleek and light chassis. A 4.65 inch Gorilla glass high definition OLED screen that is responsive, rugged and reliable. Whether through headphones or your audio system music is highly detailed and effortless sounding.

Calyx M Player

Portable Music Player

Your music stored on the M is only a touch away. The M:USE proprietary user interface is intuitive, attractive and feature packed. Browse your music by Artist, Album and Tracks. The search feature allows you to find what you’re looking for quickly. Swipe the screen to the left and you can create multiple playlists in the “Jukebox”. You can rearrange your play queue with a drag and a drop.

USB Digital to Analog Converter

The micro USB input allows the M to be used as a stand alone, asynchronous digital-to-analog converter with the ability to play back virtually any file type, including DSD, 128DSD, DXD and 32Bit 384KHz.

Calyx M Player

Large Touch Screen

4.65” OLED large touch screen
(HD)-Resolution 1280x720)

Proprietary developed M:USE UI

Intuitive and easy operation

Slide Volume Control

Analog controlled digital volume mechanism

Accurate volume control in 0.5dB increments

Feel of an analog application

Aluminum Body/Trim

For detail and solidity

Anodized finish in Calyx Brown

Use of recycled parts for the green earth

Calyx M Player


4.65" OLED 1280x720 (HD), Adjustable-Brightness

Core Processor
Cortex A5, 625MHz / 1G-byte

Proprietary design by Calyx M, M:USE


File Format: AIFF, AIF, ALAC, FLAC, WAV, DFF/DSF(64DSD, 128DSD-DoP), DXD, AAC, MP3, MP4, M4A, OGG.

Sampling Frequency (kHz): 44.1, 88.2, 176.4, 352.8, 48, 96, 192 & 384

Bit Depth: 16, 24 & 32

Output Voltage: 1.25V rms @ 16 Ohm

Frequency Response: 20Hz~32kHz

THD+N: 0.0008%@1kHz at 32 Ohm, 0.004%@1kHz at 16 Ohm

Channel Separation: 130dB@1kHz

Dynamic Range: 114dB

Gapless Play

Stand Alone USB-DAC
Compatible OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7 & 8(32bit, 64bit), Mac OS X 10.6+
Sample Rates: Asynchronous. 32/384. 128x DSD-DoP


External Memory: 1 SD (up to 256GB) and 1 micro SD (up to 128GB)
Internal Memory: 64GB flash memory

Language Support (Menu)
English & Korean
Optional: Japanese, Chinese, German, French, Spanish, Italian & Etc.

Battery Capacity
3100mA (5 hours play time)

Micro USB connector

Music Management
M:USE, Dynamic Playlist editable on the go. Key word search function

Placement of Buttons
1/8"(3.5mm) headphone jack(top left), Power On/Off(top right)
(From top to bottom on the right side) Slide Volume, Next, Play/Pause and Previous

135.50 x 70 x 14.80mm (H/W/D) Weight (230g)

Micro USB cable


Sound Stage Xperience
Calyx Audio M Portable Media Player – review by Rad Bennett


Part Time Audiophile


Home Theater

Review by Steve Stone


High Resolution Audio

The difference between hearing and listening

Discover subtle details and artistic nuances in your favorite music that you’ve never heard before. Feel the power and presence of a live performance in your living room. Or experience what it’s like to sit in on a live studio recording. It’s all possible with the superior quality of High-Resolution Audio. With quality greatly surpassing that of MP3 and CD, the difference is clear.

Calyx M Downloads

USB DAC Driver (Windows)


File Transfer Utility (Mac OS X)